Los Angeles elopement photographers

we embrace the awkward and capture your favorite “that’s so us” moments
your love story is front & center in this whole shebang
This is who you are
And this powerful, tangible, and kick-ass love that you two created should be reflected in every aspect of your wedding day. From the first rays of sunlight, painting the sky with cotton candy, to the blanket-wrapped cuddles under the starry night sky, we'll be there to capture it all. Your wedding day will be an adrenaline-fueled adventure, a wild ride filled with heart-pounding moments and breathtaking views.
That's how I want my story told!
we want to fall madly in love with the way you love each other
This day is 1000% all about you.

Yes, we know that's not mathematically possible, but *you* break the laws of math! We want you to get to know the elopement photographers who will be all up in your business on your most meaningful day. We're going to spend some quality time together so it's suuuper important that we gel, like a PB&J.

And one other note, maybe more of a warning. You will have fun with us!!! (This is not a suggestion, this is a fact.) We are a HOOT. You will cry and laugh, maybe get drunk a little, and wonder how we became so close so fast.
Find the way to our hearts
“Nancy + Eddie are a DREAM TEAM. We were blessed to finally have our perfect cliff side elopement weekend with them; not only were they super flexible, responsive, and helpful as we went from back up plan to back up plan to back up plan—but also they are so much fun! We are truly blessed by the memories of that weekend but also our DROP DEAD GORGEOUS ELOPEMENT ALBUM. They make photography magic y’all.”
— Danielle + Johnathan
you know what happens when you assume...
We really don’t want to assume you into any roles, molds, or boxes — but is it safe to assume just a few things?
you don’t want you to settle for less than what you deserve on your wedding day
you want to feel understood – spiritually, aesthetically, and emotionally
you want the silly, the sappy, the real raw stuff captured from your day
and you want to have a ~raging good time~ while you’re at it
yup! sounds just like us!
“Eddie and Nancy are super laid back and are full of hilarious things to say to get us comfortable in front of the camera. I felt they really took the time to listen to what we were looking for in photographers and photos and put in the effort to convey who we were in our photos.”
— Taylor + Austin
love is f*cking love!
Here, we give a shit about everyone and anyone. We want you to come as you are. Be your best damn self in whatever body, gender, sexual identity, or racial identity you’re rocking.
*big ol’ disclaimer*
We aren’t for you if you aren’t actively anti-racist, if you’re not an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, or if you don’t believe that Black lives matter.
ready to chase sunrises and sunsets together?
Let's make this shit happen!
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