we’re going to do this day right for you
spoiler alert:
you *will* get treated better than our cat
do you want to hang deep together for 4 to 10 hours?
are you down to get silly and just let go of any and all stress?
do you want to feel like yourselves in your photos?
yass, these are the questions to answer!
It’s a big freaking deal to find a photographer that you can work with, let alone get along with.
We are here to be sincere and transparent so you know what you’re getting into. We’re unapologetic people pleasers who redefine the idea that photographers are simply there to “take photos.” We will showcase your one-of-a-kind love story with a one-of-a-kind celebration that will be worthy of your walls, your photo book, and your legacy.
Give me that spoiled cat treatment!
“Eddie and Nancy truly are the definition of the dynamic duo. They are the perfect balance of calm and collected, vibrant and joyful.”
— Erin + Jesse
meet the two hemispheres of
of our creative duo
(left brain)
mold-breaker, out-of-tune singer, awkward turtle, night owl
I have:
a ~snazzy~ BA degree in Cinema and TV, with emphasis on Cinematography and Producing (yeahhh, one of those degrees), but theatre and musical theatre are my deeeepest jams. I mean, it was my first college major but uh, singing on key is H A R D. That’s why you’ll find me listening/screeching to musicals all day, every day.
I can:
also screech along to pretty much every Taylor Swift song (as long as it's not from debut). But that doesn't mean that I won't also have '00s emo pop rock on constant rotation either.
I’m not:
allowed near water (Funny not funny story, fell in the pool once at my very first wedding). I should come with a warning label: accident-prone.
I love:
the National Treasure, Twilight, and Harry Potter series. Obsessed if you will. If someone can write a screenplay that includes all three, I'll be your forever fan.
(right brain)
hype man, giver, personal barista, early bird
I have:
a coffee problem. But I think coffee has an Eddie problem! Just trying to raise the bar and beat my record for drinking as many pour-overs as I can in a day.
I drive:
a Toyota Tacoma. It's one of my favorite vehicles in the world. It has an iKamper rooftop tent, pull-out Decked drawers in the bed that holds all our camping gear, and my tears from all the times I fill it up with gas.
I can:
listen to early 90s punk on full blast day or night. But can quickly switch to hip-hop or classic rock in a second.
I will:
work for pizookies! Or any type of chocolate honestly. I need sweets after my meals or else I get really sad.
I love:
all sorts of beer. Rolling Rock, craft IPAs (specifically at Disney), as long it’s beery and hoppy it's good in my books! Most of the time it's just Nancy’s warm leftovers...
“My husband and I, along with our entire friends and families were completely BLOWN AWAY by the pictures. Not only are they amazing at their jobs, but they are just great people all around.”
— Taylor + Jared
what’s that? a trace?! not on our watch!
NBD (actually big freaking deal!), we're certified Leave No Trace Aware Photographers.
Since a lot of our sessions and weddings are outdoors, we make sure we’re leaving these gorgeous locations as we found them. The LNT ethics and best practices make sure we have a kick-ass time while also protecting the outdoors. In order to enjoy these beautiful places sustainably and responsibly, we need to protect our natural world for future visitors.

Still have no idea what we’re talking about or how this works? Don't worry! We’ll send you an LNT guide when you book with us!
Learn about the set of 7 minimum-impact principles of Leave No Trace!
Plan Ahead & Prepare
Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces
Dispose of Waste Properly
Leave What You Find
Minimize Campfire Impacts
Respect Wildlife
Be Considerate of other Visitors
Learn more here!
our 2024 travel schedule
24 - 25 / Santa Barbara
19 - 20 / Temecula
26 - 28 / Napa
8 - 10 / San Diego
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