we’re going to do this day right for you


do you want to feel like yourselves in your photos?

are you down to get silly and just let go of any and all stress?

do you want to hang deep together for 4 to 12 hours?

yass, these are the questions to answer!

It’s a big freaking deal to find the photographer that you can work with, let alone get along with.

We will showcase your one-of-a-kind love story with a one-of-a-kind celebration that will be magazine-worthy, Insta-worthy, but most of all, worthy of your walls, your photobook, and your legacy! We are unapologetic people pleasers and we take every shot like it’s a work of art.

Give me that spoiled cat treatment! ▸

your southern california elopement photographer duo

meet the two hemispheres of our creative duo



(the left brain)

(the right brain)

Mold-breaker, out-of-tune singer,

awkward turtle

Hype man, giver, personal barista

I have a snazzy BA degree in Cinema and TV, emphasis on Cinematography and Producing, but theatre and musical theatre are my deepest jams.

I have an unhealthy habit of using exclamation points in everything, but only because I get so freaking excited and passionate about everything!!!

Not allowed near water (Funny not funny story, fell in the pool once at my very first wedding). I should come with a warning label: accident-prone.

I did some extra work during my college years, so you might find my face on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, Teen Wolf, Faking It, or movies like Stretch, The Bounce Back, or Senior Project.

Maybe I have a coffee problem. But I think coffee has an Eddie problem! Just trying to raise the bar and beat my record for drinking as many pour-overs as I can in a day.

Beer me! Rolling Rock, craft IPA, as long it’s beery and hoppy, or Nancy’s warm leftovers...

To stay young and keep this beach bod (ok maybe more like my dad bod) in shape, I’ll slap the curb or go over the falls.

Will work for pizookies! Or any type of chocolates honestly.

Yass! You’re my kind of people! ▸

Kind words

Taylor + Jared

“My husband and I, along with our entire friends and families were completely BLOWN AWAY by the pictures. Not only are they amazing at their jobs, but they are just great people all around.”

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