you found your forever buddy and there’s no one like them
Then again, there’s no one like you
Throw all your memories, quirks, inside jokes, and cute little face scrunches into a dish, bake at 375 for however many years you’ve been together, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for some ooey-gooey cooookies.

We know that these cookies are really just for you, and it’s your secret recipe, but if you want to share a piece (or all of it), we promise to use your ingredients to build you the best damn day of your life.

Are all these food metaphors getting too much? You can skip our ramblings and head straight to the contact form...
Our couples on average book $5,000 for 8 hours of coverage.


    Visit our pricing page to see our starting prices for California weddings and elopements, or inquire for our full package list!

    Every couple is different, which means you have different needs! We generally recommend 8 hours to fully capture the story of your day, but it's not required.
    A majority of our packages are crafted so neither of us needs to worry about separate travel fees. Our 2-4 hour packages are the only ones that don't include travel fees and are charged at $0.85 per mile over 50 miles of Long Beach, CA.
    Yes — all time is continuous and consecutive. If there are any gaps in time either due to the drive time or events starting later, that gap counts towards your hourly coverage.
    Our booking fee is $2,000. All of our packages are built on payment plans of 3 additional equal payments after your booking fee is paid. They are evenly spaced out with the final payment due 30 days before your event date.
    Yes! While we specialize in intimate weddings/elopements, we still offer photography and videography services for weddings of all sizes! These are limited in number and we'll let you know if we have any availability remaining for your date.
    In addition to having cameras with dual SD cards, we back your images onto two cloned external solid-state hard drives, a dual bay network-attached storage (NAS) that creates a redundant copy on a separate internal drive in the bay, and that hard drive is consistently backed up onto cloud storage.
    Yes! We both use a Canon R5 and Canon R6 that have dual SD card slots. We also have two backup cameras (Canon 5D Mark IV) each of which also had dual SD card slots.
    Unless otherwise requested, yes, your images will be posted! You are always welcome to ask us to refrain from posting your image on our social media accounts/website.
    It can take up to 12 weeks for your final gallery during our peek wedding season (March - December), and up to 8 weeks outside of that.
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