Why You Should Have an Adventure Session

Okay, Okay, bear with us here, we understand that the title of this can sound a bit odd. If you are going to be with your photographer(s) for hours during your wedding/elopement and will likely have hundreds of photos…why on earth would you need an adventure session? Well, sometimes not everything goes according to plan! 

We definitely understand how fast-paced wedding days can be, even with us making sure there is a little breathing room in-between events to take it all in, and though we try our best to get all of the important photos in, sometimes the inevitable gets in the way - whether it is the timeline getting delayed or we are hit with surprise heavy rainfall, we don’t want our couples to panic and feel like they missed out. With an adventure session, we are still able to create some stunning wedding photos.

Though many photographers call it different things, an adventure session, also referred to as a "trash the dress" session, can take place literally the day after your wedding or a couple of days, weeks, or even months before or after your wedding! These sessions are a perfect way for you to relax and spend some genuine, quality time together. The session can be as intimate or adventurous as you’d like!

Just imagine this - you get to put your wedding attire on again (for a second time!!!) and potentially even get your hair, makeup, and the whole shebang done. Then you get to choose an entirely new, different, and stunning location now that there is no timeline to follow and other places to be. Just you, the love of your life, and all the time we need to capture these new meaningful memories that you can gush over alongside your wedding day! 

So why should you do one of these adventure sessions? Here are our top reasons why:

1. An Adventure Session Is more relaxed

Without the pressure of the wedding and sticking to a timeline these adventure sessions are more laid back. When you’re feeling relaxed you’ll be having more fun and feeling your best which means better photos since you will be feeling carefree and show your true authentic selves! This also allows us to focus on the little, dynamic things that make couples unique and quirky. 

2. You Get More Flexibility For locations

As we mentioned above, you are entirely free to choose a stunning location for your adventure session since there is no timeline! Maybe you had your eye on a spot that just did not work out logistically for your wedding day so now is the perfect time to get stunning photos in a dream location!

3. Perfect timing

Without a day that is pretty set in stone and without a timeline to follow we have the freedom to schedule your adventure session for the perfect time. This means we can avoid bad weather and get the best light for taking photos. Golden hour is usually the best for photos and while we try our best to get a bunch of photos during that time during your wedding day, we sometimes have to shoot in harsh light. Without the timeline, we also have alllllll the time to make sure we’re getting all of the photos you want. 

4. You get to dress up again

You chose your wedding attire and only plan on wearing it only once so how awesome is it that you get to wear it again? Slipping on your wedding attire will have you reliving the happiest day of your lives all over again. 

Your wedding day goes by so fast (you’ve probably heard that so many times already, but it’s TRUE). An adventure session gives you the opportunity to relive your special day in a unique and intimate way; these sessions capture your wedding bliss but without the stress that comes with your wedding day. We’ve been shooting all types of sessions for a while and we don’t think there is a session that is quite as fun as this!

Are adventure sessions on your mind now? Well, wait no further!

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