kind words

I was looking at the Instagram pages of several different photographers, and most of them showcased photos that were fairly homogenous and lacked diversity. When I got to Early Night's Instagram page, the first thing I noticed were the words "all intersecting identities welcome," followed by photos showcasing diversity and representation. Asa biracial couple, it was important to find a photographer that not only knows how to shoot us but is proud to feature couples like us on their page. 

Talking to Eddie and Nancy was easy, like talking to friends. They were on top of planning, they asked great questions, and I really felt like they put in the time to make this session great. 

This was a surprise proposal, and my fiance expressed afterward that Eddie and Nancy made her feel really comfortable. She's often intimidated by photographers that bark orders, but in this case, she felt very comfortable and had fun. 

Our favorite part about working with Early Night was their friendliness. They were no drama, straightforward, on top of everything, and great to talk to and work with.

They are fantastic, we have had nothing but compliments, and have been asked who took our photos. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends. 

They asked great questions and put a lot of effort into understanding my complex, surprise proposal plan. I couldn't have asked for better results. 

Eddie and Nancy are fantastic to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to capture the most important moments in your life. Not only were the results great, but the amount of time and energy they put into getting to know us, getting to understand my complex surprise proposal plan, and honing in on exactly what I wanted really shows the amount of care they put in for each of their clients. Not only did they make us feel well supported during the planning stage, but they also were great to work with during the shoot, and delivered the photos in a timely manner. They were very communicative during the whole process, and very easy to talk to. I've received nothing but compliments on the proposal photos they took, and I look forward to working with them again in the future. 

Nancy and Eddie have made me feel so comfortable from the first moment we spoke to each other. The fact that they have captured our awkward relationship through photographs is beyond amazing. 

During our session, Early Night made us feel comfortable, at ease, and confident. Our favorite part about working with Early Night was how easy it is to connect with them.

I love ALL of the photos that were captured, though, I love the candid photos the most. My fiance has one photo and I have the rest displayed in my room. 

I cannot stress this enough, I am a very awkward person. The fact that Nancy and Eddie were able to crack me open... that's pure talent right there. 

Nancy and Eddie, we cannot thank you enough for making us feel comfortable while taking our photos. We are THAT kind of awkward couple who doesn't have decent photographs throughout the day and for you to capture such sweet and candid moments... that means everything to the both of us.

We decided to book Early Night because of their aesthetic style, talent behind the lens, and lovely people.

On our wedding day, Early Night made us feel relaxed! Eddie and Nancy have a very easy going and calming demeanor making for a perfect atmosphere for a big day.

Our favorite part about working with Early Night was getting to know them as people and forging a genuine and kind bond. Knowing we were in exceptional hands because they cared.

Our wedding photos make us feel so completely thrown back to the very special days. Early Night captured the emotion and beauty so seamlessly, that when we look back at the photos, it genuinely makes us feel the same feelings of our special day.

Our favorite photo from the wedding is us walking hand in hand as if to say we are on this journey together, forever. But we mean there were so MANY to choose from.

Early Night was an absolute dream to work with. Nancy + Eddie are such genuinely kind people who want the very best for your big, momentous day. They really get to know you as a couple, and as individuals, to bring a custom feeling in your photographs. They are also so fun!! You will have the very best experience because they not only bring immense talent to the table, but also genuine care.

My Fiancé and I are awkward when it comes to being photographed and were unsure if we wanted engagement photos. We hesitantly booked a mini session but never imagined we would have so much fun! Nancy and Eddie were so easy to work with and made us feel comfortable enough to show our goofy side. We love our photos and are happy to have found photographers that could capture our true relationship. Thanks, Nancy and Eddie!

My wife and I are so happy that we got a photo shoot set up with Early Night. Nancy and Eddie are not only very professional, but they are extremely pleasant to work with. Both of them had so many great ideas and poses that really made our pictures look top-notch. Scheduling was a breeze, the actual shoot was a ton of fun, and the final photos came out amazing. We would definitely recommend these two for anyone looking for a great photo session

We absolutely adore Eddie and Nancy! They were both so amazing to work with and their photos were gorgeous. If you've never been photographed before, have no fear, they will make you feel so comfortable and at ease. Their passion for capturing you in these moments is evident in all areas, from emails and phone calls, to the actual session, and to sending your sneak peeks and galleries. They love what they do and they're phenomenal at it. Be prepared to make 2 new best friends when you hire Early Night, and I promise you won't regret it.

Where do we even start?

Nancy and Eddie are two of the nicest, most down to earth and genuinely caring vendors we worked with for our wedding.  Not only did we love their amazing work, but we clicked instantly with their personalities.  My husband and I knew, after our first time meeting them, they were going to be our photographers. 

We had a total of three sessions with Early Night: our engagement session, our actual wedding, and our second traditional wedding ceremony.  Their work truly speaks for itself.  They shot every grand moment we needed, and they captured every small and special moment we hoped for.  Most importantly, they did all of this while helping us feel comfortable in front of their cameras.  It was like we were hanging out with good friends that just happened to be taking amazing pictures of us.

We could go on and on about every memory and reason why we LOVE Nancy and Eddie...they're super funny (this totally helped when we felt nervous or shy), they're so knowledgeable and professional when it comes to their work, our friends and family raved about them, and they literally saved the day for us on multiple occasions (just ask, and they'll tell you!).  

My husband and I can wholeheartedly recommend Early Night for their stunning work, professionalism and the endless good vibes they bring to everything they do.   We cannot wait to work with them again in the future and have them capture more of life's special moments.

From capturing our couple photos, our elopement (plus Nancy literally marrying us!), and our reception - Eddie + Nancy have played an integral part in creating and preserving some of the most special moments in our lives. When I say I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect pair to be alongside us… they created an atmosphere where we felt completely comfortable, understood, and cared for in days that can traditionally be riddled with chaos and stress, and that my friends, is priceless. Their work - if you’ve seen it, you know it’s breathtaking - it speaks for itself. From start to finish, working with them is an absolute dream. Not only will you end up with beautiful snapshots of the happiest moments of your life, but you’ll also gain a pair of the sweetest friends you could ever ask for. Beyond grateful for them both!

Nancy and Eddie are AHHH-MAZING! I had spent months looking at wedding photographers, searching for someone who not only checked off my must-haves but also had that something special in their work. I found that in Nancy and Eddie. Their photos not only captured the true spirit of their clients but also elevated them to show their best selves. Even during challenging circumstances, like shooting in near-complete darkness for my engagement pictures, they still managed to make magic happen and delivered pictures that everyone raved about. And just when it couldn’t get any better, my wedding combined a dreamy venue with a gorgeous overcast to create magazine-worthy photos! Everyone has been so impressed with the quality and creativity of the photos that my parents chose to mail not one, not two, but TEN photos to each of their relatives.

Eddie and Nancy are super laid back and are full of hilarious things to say to get us comfortable in front of the camera. I felt they really took the time to listen to what we were looking for in photographers and photos and put in the effort to convey who we were in our photos. I loved the raw, boho, natural feel of their photo style. I also appreciated the creativity behind their “poses” and that they let the individual photo guide the editing style. I feel their passion for photography shows in their work because everyone was asking me who my photographers were after they saw the photos. I’m super grateful that I was one of the few “bigger” weddings they took since they’re moving towards specializing in intimate weddings and elopements.

I’d recommend them in a heartbeat!

Thank you both SO MUCH for being our wedding photographers. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives and to have photographic evidence of what an amazing day it was is truly incredible. 

Tim and I knew we needed photographers who were like-minded in wanting natural photos. To catch us in our emotional state, without staging or forcing a shot, and capturing these gorgeous photos is not something many photographers do. Nancy and Eddie are intuitive and know how to bond with both the bride and groom in a way that makes the entire day seamless. They are aware of the mood, the lighting, the setting, the vibe and all that you are looking for. I was so worried that Tim and I would both be “stiff” because neither of us have ever taken professional photos before, but that feeling went away quickly after working with Nancy & Eddie. They both know the perfect moment to snap a shot, where to place you next, how to communicate with you all while making you feel at ease and comfortable. TRUST THEM, they know what they are doing and will give you the best photos you have ever taken in your life! This is what makes the ultimate difference with Nancy & Eddie. Their attention to detail is impeccable all while taking the best shots of you as well. We are obsessed with our photos. 

There are so many dynamics you are dealing with at any event, especially a wedding, so it helped TREMENDOUSLY Nancy & Eddie are so fun, friendly, and personable. This is SO important. Nancy and Eddie reached out to us months in advance to get a list of photography shots that Tim and I wanted and/or needed. They were organized, prompt, and attentive to any and all our requests.  

We probably look at our wedding photos once a week and fall in love with a new or different detail every time. These photos with the memories attached are ours to cherish forever and none of it would have been possible without Nancy and Eddie and we cannot go on enough about how wonderful they are, not just as incredible photographers, but people too! Thank you guys again soooo much and we cannot wait to have you be our photographers again in the future!

Our wedding day will be forever beautifully remembered because of the moments Nancy and Eddie captured. I have known Nancy since high school and she was a beautiful artist back then but she has blossomed into an even more amazing artist since, and she and Eddie together make the absolute perfect team. My husband and I, along with our entire friends and families were completely BLOWN AWAY by the pictures.

Not only are they amazing at their jobs, but they are just great people all around. They love to have fun and mix things up, when I met Nancy at our venue it was like she could picture shots in her head the minute she got there, it was really interesting being able to watch someone get inspired by their surroundings and they somehow create beauty out of the simplest things. They are great at hyping up their clients while also making sure that we are comfortable and having a fantastic time. You won’t find a more wonderful pair to help capture your special moment with, and you will definitely not regret the results. I recommend them to anyone that wants a truly beautiful shoot and a fun time along the way! We couldn’t thank them enough.