Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park Engagement Photos in Felton, CA

Alexis and Mitchell decided on Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park for their engagement photos and we seriously couldn't have been more excited. Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is a stunning place and it's easy to see why it would make an amazing place for your engagement photos. With its redwood trees, clear blue sky, and San Lorenzo River trickling in the background, the picturesque park is breathtaking.

We seriously fell in love with these two 5 minutes into our initial Facetime call (but Nancy fell in love right at the beginning of reading their answers to our questionnaire). With responses like binging Schitt's Creek during the pandemic at least 3 times, and mentioning they are Panic! At The Disco fans and mostly early '00s emo. It was like we were reading our own answers to our questionnaire!

Right away, we fell in love with their energy and big smiles! If you've never been to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, there is a small meadow in amongst the trees where we all decided to recreate the Twilight Edward/Bella scene. At one point, with Alexis sitting on Mitchell's lap, these two ladies pushing strollers walked by and commented, "how beautiful! And look, they're practicing making babies." It had us busting up for the rest of the night.

We finished the rest of the session with Alexis and Mitchell changing into their formal attire at their car — a maroon dress and a blue button-up with dark slacks. We headed back out to our original location as the sun started to quickly set. Alexis was a champ since it was getting cold, but she made it look warm.

We ended the night with Nancy getting us on some crazy one-lane back road through the Santa Cruz Mountains and grabbing some delicious pizza on the way back to our hotel from A Slice of New York. We would highly recommend trying it if you are in the area!

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