Joshua Tree National Park Engagement

Exploring Joshua Tree National Park for J + D's engagement photos was truly a majestic desert adventure that we *never* get over.

The February winds were howling, and the temperatures were seriously chilly, and unless you're up for an exhilarating (and freezing) experience, we don't recommend that time of year. If you're considering having your engagement session here, we do recommend opting for a warmer season between late March to early May to fully enjoy the experience.

BUT despite the chilly winds and low-ish temperatures, their love shone bright amidst the desert landscape. The desert stretched before us, adorned with iconic Joshua Trees and jaw-dropping rock formations. J+D's love story unfolded against this awe-inspiring backdrop, radiating warmth, laughter, and sheer bliss.

Whether you're basking in the soft, golden sunlight or exploring the insane starry nights, the iconic Joshua Trees and stunning rock formations offer a picturesque setting to capture your engagement.

While the cold, billowing wind kept us on our toes, we were prepared with an arsenal of Hot Hands to keep J+D warm and cozy. If you're planning a winter engagement, rest assured we'll have you covered, literally!

If you're ready to embark on your own epic Joshua Tree National Park engagement adventure, let's make it happen!

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