Yosemite National Park Engagement

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Death Valley National Park Engagement

Y+ R fulfilled our DREAMS of doing a Death Valley National Park engagement session, and it was kinda serendipitous how it alll came to be.

We went over to their home to watch a Sundance Festival movie and talked about ideas for their engagement session. We threw out locations we would love to shoot at and they so happened to have campsite reservations at Death Valley National Park for the end of March. We said say less, we’re there. We booked a last-minute campsite (thank you Campflare!!!) and the rest is history.

Death Valley isn't just notorious for its terribly hot summers, (and trust us, the heat can be brutal). It also has STUNNING landscapes, a literal magnet for adventurers. Seriously, it is drop-dead gorgeous (pun intended).

Because we were photographing their Death Valley National Park engagement photos in late March the weather was perfect. We aren't going to sugarcoat it, it did get a little hot, but we were ready to brave the elements for an unforgettable experience.

Y + R were all in on this escapade for their engagement session. We soaked in the ethereal beauty of Badwater Basin (the lowest point in North America) right before golden hour hit and explored the mesmerizing painted canyons at Artists Palette.

The next morning, we woke up at sunrise to grab some cozy photos of them in their camping gear and after made our way over to their campsite to have breakfast! The weekend spent with them at Death Valley National Park was seriously one for the books and we can't wait for their Santa Barbara Zoo wedding in the fall and hang out with the giraffes (if you know Nancy, you know she LOVES giraffes so this is a dream come true).

If you're dreaming of visiting Death Valley National Park for an elopement or your own engagement photos, trust us, this place is a hidden gem that's worth adding to your list!

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Joshua Tree National Park Engagement

Exploring Joshua Tree National Park for J + D's engagement photos was truly a majestic desert adventure that we *never* get over.

The February winds were howling, and the temperatures were seriously chilly, and unless you're up for an exhilarating (and freezing) experience, we don't recommend that time of year. If you're considering having your engagement session here, we do recommend opting for a warmer season between late March to early May to fully enjoy the experience.

BUT despite the chilly winds and low-ish temperatures, their love shone bright amidst the desert landscape. The desert stretched before us, adorned with iconic Joshua Trees and jaw-dropping rock formations. J+D's love story unfolded against this awe-inspiring backdrop, radiating warmth, laughter, and sheer bliss.

Whether you're basking in the soft, golden sunlight or exploring the insane starry nights, the iconic Joshua Trees and stunning rock formations offer a picturesque setting to capture your engagement.

While the cold, billowing wind kept us on our toes, we were prepared with an arsenal of Hot Hands to keep J+D warm and cozy. If you're planning a winter engagement, rest assured we'll have you covered, literally!

If you're ready to embark on your own epic Joshua Tree National Park engagement adventure, let's make it happen!

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