How Many Hours Do I Need With My Elopement Photographer?

How many hours do I need to book with my elopement photographer? That's a question we get asked all the time, and it's one of our favorites to help with! If you also have this question about elopement photography coverage, keep reading!

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This is going to be an unpopular opinion.. (Actually very popular amongst us elopement photographers.) An elopement is still your wedding day. And as your photographers, we treat it as no less than a bigger "traditional" wedding. That means you DESERVE full-day coverage and not just the typical "I only need 1-2 hours because it's just a little ceremony and some photos" that we usually hear from couples looking for elopement coverage. We're not about that midset, and neither should you.

1. How Long Should My Elopement Be?

To help you decide how long you want your elopement day to last, you should plan out how you want to spend it with your loved ones or each other! We believe you need three or more hours with your elopement photographer to truly capture your day perfectly.

Most couples who hire us typically book around 8 hours of coverage, and we honestly feel like it's NOT enough. And while we do get inquiries for less than three hours, we genuinely believe that a meaningful, memorable elopement cannot be squeezed into just two hours or less. By organizing a day full of activities, you're able to create the perfect elopement, which can even stretch to two full days! 

Your elopement should be an experience full of memories and intentionality - not an all-day photoshoot. It's a day you're going to look back and remember all the moments from sunrise to sunset that get to be captured.

2. Why Should I Hire An Elopement Photographer All-Day?

As professional elopement photographers, we know the ins and outs of capturing an elopement. And we've come down to one singular conclusion — no two elopements are the same. It makes crafting and photographing your wedding day that much more fulfilling.

What would your perfect day look like? When you wake up, do you see the walls of your tent or a cute little cottage with a beautiful view? Are you going on an epic hike to see breathtaking peaks and valleys? Maybe you're envisioning a romantic stroll on the beach with a picnic of your favorite dinner and drinks? Spend some time brainstorming a day full of adventure and romance and how you'd like to FEEL on your wedding day.

Your elopement day is your special day to celebrate the love you have for your partner, and there are so many possibilities!

3. How many hours do I actually need with my elopement photographer?

Understanding the real value of having your photographer for 8+ hours will help determine how many hours you need with your elopement photographer. 

There are three things you want to remember, consider the time it takes to get from Point A to Point B, add 5-15 minute buffers between EVERYTHING (we mean it, absolutely don't skimp on this), and make you and your love the central point of your day.

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