What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

Having an engagement session is the perfect way to kickstart the relationship with your photographer. It's often the first time you'll meet them in person, so it's an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and get comfortable with being in front of the camera before the big day.

We often get asked what you should wear and how to decide on what outfits to bring, so we've put together a handy guide (have you picked up on our pattern of making guides for everything yet?!) on what to wear for your engagement session with some tips straight from yours truly! These are the same tips we send to all of our clients so we mean business here. It's essential to choose something that LOOKS like you, is super comfortable and flattering, compliments your location, and makes you feel like your most baddddassss self. So, here are our top five tips for choosing what to wear for your engagement session:

Look like yourselves (duh!)

You’ll want your engagement photos to feel authentic to you and your relationship, so dress like yourselves! If you have a bit of a signature style, stick to it! Unfortunately, this is probably *not* the day you want to wear something brand new or a style that's completely different from anything you've worn before.

Try to err on the side of ~comfort~

Trust us, you’ll want to pick something you are each comfortable in. If an article of clothing isn’t fitting right, falling, pinching you, or whatever else… you’ll be uncomfortable and when you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show in your photos and we don’t want that! We want you to be your true happy sleeves so stick to something you feel comfortable and happy in! 

Pick something that flatters your body type

This kind of ties in with being comfortable - it's crucial to pick an outfit that flatters your body type. Sometimes we buy an outfit and it just feels like we can’t pull it off - it’s not because we’re “not skinny enough” or “not cool enough” to pull it off or whatever other excuse… it just comes down to knowing how to work with your body shape so you look and feel your best! There are a ton of articles available that helps to explain how to dress for your body type (and it’s quite the art form 🤯) - google is your bestie!

Some colors complement each other better than others

Consider what locations you're going to be shooting in

You want to wear something that reflects the season and the weather! This also ties into comfort - don’t wear something very warm on a hot day. Consider the scenery too and what kind of outfit would complement that. For example, for beach photos, you may want to wear something more relaxed and skip the shoes whereas, in a more formal location, you may want to dress up. 

We know that trying to decide what to wear for any occasion big or small can be a struggle. So, like always, we’re always trying our best to make things for our couples as easy as possible. If you’re not sure about an outfit, send it our way and we’ll give you our opinion on if we think it fits the scenery and will photograph well! We can also send you some galleries from past engagement sessions to give you a little more inspo. At the end of the day just remember it’s all about you and your partner - don’t overthink it! 

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